Through the telescope,
I’ve seen stars, constellations, meteors
and skies of different shades.
The light orange tinted ones,
the pink, the blue,
and the black highlighted
with constellations.
Constellations like tiaras,
like a halo to the night sky,
I’ve chosen the best ones
to look through the telescope.

Hunting season and lilac sky,
hazy, partially cloud-covered night,
city lights laid through the skyscrapers
like twilight daisies and
lavender hued the rooftops of little houses.

Maps took charge of that night,
and a few grainy and fuzzy views
showed me dimmer images of comets,
asteroids, star clusters, nebulae
and galaxies.
I could speak of them like commas to my poetry,
I was Galileo that night.

I was an inventor, through the telescope,
I created this universe,
through the telescope,
I enjoyed and smiled through the
clusters of bright lights and moving stars,
my own,
my own lights
and a universe of mine.

I looked through the telescope

and saw you.


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