currently reading: 20/02/2017


i’ve been in a goddamn reading slump for god knows how many decades and though i’ve read 196 books last year, i have SO many books more i want to read this year. 

there are three books which I’m currently reading though. 

also, i haven’t babbled on and on about books for a while. 

1. the miniaturist- jessie burton

Image result for the miniaturist jessie burton book cover

honestly, i am so bored but at the same time i want to goddamn know what happens next. like who the hell is this miniaturist, man? but man, this book is soooooooooo slow. like it keeps on dragging on and on. one moment, i’m like sitting upright because a murder takes place and then suddenly Nella is in her bedroom looking at her ceiling, like what the hell.

2. twilight- stephenie meyer

Image result for twilight book cover

ok whatever but i actually like the twilight series (no shame at all while i say this) except for EXCEPT for friggin breaking dawn like why does it even exist. and why is the book so thick? anyway, i’m re reading the entire twilight series ONLY because i miss Forks.

3. tampa- alissa nutting

Image result for tampa book cover

yes. a grown up woman has a sexual obsession with fourteen year old boys. yup. but it’s so important to read brave pieces of literature like this one right here. i just started this and i’m already impressed by how straightforward this is. BUT HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS this woman. someone pls kill herrrrr.



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