definition: change

i was traveling back home yesterday,
and i thought about change.
and i tried to evade any other person
into my brain telling me that change
is a good thing,
yes it is,
and so permanent
like mud around our toes,
but when i thought about change,
the book that impacted me
so badly,
on that night i clearly remember about
faintly brought me back to reality,
i might never look at things the same way,
because i realized, words
make such a difference in my life,
every single day.
how we’ll never be the same set of kids
walking around with an ice lolly
on summer afternoons,
how we might never feel as excited
to see a horse riding on the street,
there are so many instances
where i wanted to go back
but i realized no feeling is ever the same.

the evenings where you felt something
on maybe the last of December last year,
you may never think about your mind
feeling the same way or your heart
broken into a thousand pieces,
you see, no feeling is ever the same
no day is ever the same,
no night has the same set of stars
all year round,

and not one person has the same voice

that you tell yourself you miss even today,

and no amount of magic,
or time travel could take you back
to the start,
they say change is good
and me,
i always dealt with it
like a good luck charm on my right
but i have wished on so many things
just to go back,
and and and
and i could mention a hundred things
that changed,
are changing,
and i don’t know about the things
that might change,
but we’ll hold on for now.
they are saying change is good,
but man,
it is the saddest, saddest thing in the world.


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