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my heart and other blackholes // jasmine warga



5/5 stars.

i know this book is not for everyone but i connected it on a very very VERY personal level.

it was very fascinating in a totally morbid way that aysel was constantly being conscious about things like her house being clean or her car or her hair being not a mess in front of roman. but then she realizes that they’re going to die anyway so roman wouldn’t step back from the suicide just because of her poor mess. and there were no judgments because they were going to die together anyway right?

i thought the writing was very gently put and that’s so so so beautiful. it was of course not gentle in a way because few of the things the author wrote just hits you right in your chest. you could practically hear their voices in sad whispers in your head.

throughout the book, it seemed like they’re always looking for reasons to live though they’re just doing them as the ‘last thing before dying’ kind of thing.

my heart shattered every time roman made sure to ask aysel that she was not flaking out. and i know why he was doing that. and towards the last few pages, now that i’ve reread them i can imagine what roman must be thinking.
i can’t deal with it right now.

i know that people say that the reason aysel and roman wanted to die was really lame but i, i get it. i understand and that really warms up my heart because this whole thing felt like a really personal book to me. like someone gifted this to me and wanted me to keep it to myself really close.

i’m downright getting emotional talking about the book, i cannot imagine myself how many times i did not cry but wanted to cry while reading it.


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