by your side by kasie west.



4/5 stars.

i’ve got so much to say about this book.

i’ve heard of this book before as a cute library romance, and at first i was meh about it, because insta love is no no for me, but then again, stuck in a library with another person (meaning DAXXXXXXX) is just AN AMAZING PREMISE.

TRUST ME, i never thought that there’d be so much of the book after they got out of the library. it’s not a spoiler because you’d know by the first few pages that they would get out of the library after THREE GODDAMN DAYS.

autumn was so relatable to me, and i think her anxiety which i like to consider is one of the main themes of the book was so amazing to read because RELATABLE. and the way she comes out of this whole bubble of not going to places or parties and stuff only to please other people was so so so so very relatable. and i loved connecting to her so much.

dax, no matter what you say is SO ADORABLE. even though he’s dark and stuff, he’s so funny AND adorable.
actually, i connected with his character so much because dax reminds me of a person i know in my life and it was awesome.

i hated that autumn used dax as a DISTRACTION, i mean i felt really sad for dax even though he was all I MAKE NO ATTACHMENTS.

i loved that at the end, this book gives out a message that if you like or love someone and he/she is your boyfriend, it’s ridiculous that you need to be embarrassed of that in front of anybody. in fact, you should be proud that they’re your person.

i love jeff so much. i thought i’d hate him because of reasons but i actually ended up really liking him.

autumn learned so much from jeff and dax.
the two main things i really loved were,
jeff told autumn that when you’re in love you’d just know. you don’t have to analyse and think so much whether they’re the right person or if you’re really in loveeeee, and that struck with me.

and dax had told autumn to go figure out what SHE wants and that was so heartwarming, that scene.

it was surprising how autumn’s friends were really nice though.
i think throughout the entire book i was going on having bad judgments about the character.

the ending i fairly predicted from half of the book but i feel that i almost expected dax to leave like this person who changed autumn’s life and then left as an angel.

the best part about this book was that it told me that yes, attachments do suck and they’ll break your heart if they leave because you can’t trust anything but then again,
if you let the right people in,

it’ll be all worth it.


currently reading: 20/02/2017


i’ve been in a goddamn reading slump for god knows how many decades and though i’ve read 196 books last year, i have SO many books more i want to read this year. 

there are three books which I’m currently reading though. 

also, i haven’t babbled on and on about books for a while. 

1. the miniaturist- jessie burton

Image result for the miniaturist jessie burton book cover

honestly, i am so bored but at the same time i want to goddamn know what happens next. like who the hell is this miniaturist, man? but man, this book is soooooooooo slow. like it keeps on dragging on and on. one moment, i’m like sitting upright because a murder takes place and then suddenly Nella is in her bedroom looking at her ceiling, like what the hell.

2. twilight- stephenie meyer

Image result for twilight book cover

ok whatever but i actually like the twilight series (no shame at all while i say this) except for EXCEPT for friggin breaking dawn like why does it even exist. and why is the book so thick? anyway, i’m re reading the entire twilight series ONLY because i miss Forks.

3. tampa- alissa nutting

Image result for tampa book cover

yes. a grown up woman has a sexual obsession with fourteen year old boys. yup. but it’s so important to read brave pieces of literature like this one right here. i just started this and i’m already impressed by how straightforward this is. BUT HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS this woman. someone pls kill herrrrr.


Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher- Book Discussion

My Rating: 4/5

I’m not publishing this post under Book Reviews because I don’t think I’m ready to write a review because I still don’t know what I feel about this book.

Of course, it is one of the many books which has influenced me but I don’t know, I don’t think I can take sides whether this book was great or not great and actually write a review so instead I think I have more to say here.

Most of the readers who have read this book did not like this book for various reasons and others LOVED it for a reason which might slightly coincide with mine or not at all completely.

Personally, no, I did not LOVE this book, there’s nothing particularly veryyyyyy good about the characters or the storyline but if you’re looking for a book with suicide and a unique plot for a mental health book, this is it.

I liked the book because I’m always fascinated by the theme of suicide, depression and mental health in general.

I’m not taking sides in this book. On whether I would support Hannah in her decision or the ones who are to blame for some stuff that they did to Hannah (or to others).

I think the writing was fairly successful in making me cry at points where I didn’t even know I was crying. The descriptions were so vivid and intense that it hit me in the right way to make me cry. I loved some aspects of the writing part of the book.

I was fascinated by Hannah’s tapes throughout the book. Mostly I was looking for how Clay fit in the tapes, but to listen to tapes recorded by a girl who attempted suicide made it more unique and wonderful. At times, reading Hannah’s sarcasm and the way she attended to the people in the tape by talking to them personally felt slightly awkward. It felt like you are one of those people on the tapes, to be honest. I also was very interested in how there was alternative point of views of Hannah and Clay, especially, whenever Clay talked in his head about whatever Hannah said in the immediate lines of the tapes.

I said it before and I would say it again, I’m not taking sides in this book. Sometimes, I felt what Hannah did was wrong and sometimes, I could side with her by giving her my own mindset on how I feel the topics of suicide, death and mental health interesting.

For some reason, I really really really loved Clay.

The plot was unique and a page turner and that’s all that matters.

Overall, a book which will stay with me for a very long time.



Wrap Up- June 2016

Cheerio. ❤



To the point, I read 4 books in June.

Pretty less of the amount, but they were SOOOOOOOO good.

You can find all these books on my Goodreads page.

Rating System: 5 stars.



My rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

WHAT I FELT. This was one of the best books I have ever read. So good that it makes me want to lower the ratings of all of the other books I have read just so that this (and maybe Clockwork Princess) is the only book with a 5-star rating. I can’t properly describe right now how exactly this book moved me and made me analyze my own thoughts, as I am still currently crying, but just know that it did. Absolutely wonderful.


My rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

WHAT I FELT.  This is one of those fairy tale but feels childish- yet beautiful- totally unique- but with a strong message book. When I first read the book, I didn’t feel a thing. But this time, when I re-read the book, I was an emotional wreck in the middle of the night. We think it’s just another book with a fairy tale-like the bubbly premise but when you sit down and think about what’s going to happen to the characters or the plot, trust me, you’ll feel SOMETHING, right there, in your chest.

My rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


My rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

WHAT I FELT. This was the most personal book I’ve ever read.
I felt like all those letters were to me, that somehow I was tethered to Charlie.
I really really loved this book, but somehow I can’t make myself give it five stars for reasons I don’t know myself.


Currently Reading: The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

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Wrap Up- March + April 2016

Cheerio, Sunshines! ☀️

How are y’all today?

If you’re doing awesomesauce today, GO GO YOU!❤

But, if you’re having a bad day, still GO GO YOU! Because you are the sunshine and the sunshine is never dark. You are a fighter. You will get through it.:)


I was kind of in a reading slump until March, but in March, I had finals so it’s okay. I started reading again from March 21st I guess, so I’m combining both the months of March and April.

I read a total of 11 books both in March and April. It’s not many but I’m proud of myself because I’ve been in a slump for a very very long time.

You can find the reviews of these books on my blog so I won’t be talking  about the books. Today, I’m kind of busy, so I thought I’ll quickly do a wrap-up post.

Rating system: Stars. Five stars, max.

The books I read are:


1.Everything leads to you by Nina LaCour- ★★★
2.Cinder- ★★★★★
3.Scarlet- ★★★★★
4.The lovely bones- ★★★★★
5.The fault in our stars- ★★★★★
6.Looking for Alaska- ★★★★★
7.Where Rainbows End- ★★★★★
8.Divergent- ★★★★★
9.Insurgent- ★★★★★
10.Tell the wind and fire- ★★
11. Fangirl- ★★★★★


As you can see, these two months were pretty good reading months. I gave almost all of them 5 out of 5 stars. I read all over hyped books and I’m pretty content.

You can find these books and my page on Goodreads.


That is all.

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Okay byeeeeeeeeee. Luff ya.

Have a great day/night!❤

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Dear Hazel.

I usually do Book Discussions (and obsessions ) for the books I love. But The Fault In Our Stars is different for me. It is very special to my heart. So I decided that I would write letters to Hazel and tell her what I feel about her or the book and stuff. Spoilers ahead. And if you don’t get some things I wrote in this letter, yeah, only TFIOS fans might get it. sorry.


Dear Hazel,

Even though we are different from a very wide margin, I can’t help but tell you that we are the same. Even though I don’t have the Cancer, but I do understand how it is, to feel lonely, to read the same book over and over again, to have friends but who don’t understand you, who have different tastes than you, I know how it is a grenade, to feel that you have to minimize the casualties when you blow up, have nothing interesting in your life, the same routine, nothing magical, even though, you are not me, I am like you. I get you, Hazel. I understand you.

You fell in love with Augustus the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once. But me, I fell in love with Gus instantly. I didn’t have to think for a second that he could be a serial killer. I loved the fact that he didn’t treat you as if you are sick. Remember at the Anne Frank’s house, when he told you that you are a champion, well, I love the fact, that he doesn’t pity you because you have a disease. I loved the fact that when you were tired climbing up all those stairs at the house, he didn’t force you to stop. He did request you once or twice that it’s okay if you guys didn’t see the house, but he didn’t force you and that’s beautiful to me. I love that Augustus encouraged you, and he doesn’t stress and remind you all the time that you are sick. I love that about him.

The way you feel about An Imperial Affliction is how I feel about The Fault In Our Stars, Hazel. Of course, I don’t want to know about you guys after the book ended because it would be too painful for me. But, I would be proud. I would be proud that you are such a strong girl, you know the role you want to play in this world and you loved Augustus more than you loved An Imperial Affliction. And though Peter did ruin your purpose of going to Amsterdam, you found your magic with Augustus, Hazel, and I think that’s enough. Sometimes, in life, you don’t need answers, you don’t need explanations, you just have to let the magic happen.

I deeply was saddened by the fact that you were trying to keep your distance from Augustus and of course that didn’t stop him from coming to you over and over again, but I can’t help but falling in love with you, because, you care about everyone. You go to the boring support group for your parents, you care for Isaac and you don’t want to blow up for Gus. That’s beautiful, it is. It is rare someone like you could exist in this world.

You are hilarious at times, Hazel Grace. I love your comic timing.

You’re beautiful, Hazel Grace.

And in the words of Augustus Waters, “You are so busy being YOU that you have no idea how utterly unprecedented you are.”

Keep fighting, Hazel. Augustus is watching you. And I’m sure he is writing the sequel for you in Somewhere.


Looking for Alaska- Book Discussion (and Obsession)





This is me. I find it hard to write a review of a book which just hits me in my chest and I’m left with so many words to describe my emotions about the book, but I find it hard, as now, to write how beautiful the book is in simple words.

It’s difficult. It’s difficult to write a review on a John Green book. It’s just so hard.

I already did a brief spoiler free review of the book in my BOOK REVIEWS page, so I’m not going to go much in the plot and stuff.

When I opened this book first, I saw the word ‘BEFORE’ and I knew there was an ‘AFTER’. But, I didn’t want to flip the pages and know what it is. Also, it was written in this format: ‘One Hundred and Thirty-Six Days Before’, etcetera. I didn’t know what happened before what happened later (does it make sense?) Anyway, I remember the first time I was reading this book, it was evening, and I flew through the ‘BEFORE’ part quite quickly although I am going to talk about the emotions that hit me in between the lines. But, I didn’t complete this part in one sitting though.

And when the BEFORE part was over, I just sat there, fixed on my chair and I stared out at my bedpost. I was scared and I had read this book after ‘THE FAULT IN OUR STARS’ so I was hoping and my heart was throbbing and praying there would be no death.

So, I didn’t read the AFTER part right away. But when, I read it, I threw the book (literally) across the wall and cried. Yeah, I cry while reading. I was so frustrated, heartbroken and just so depressed and I wondered how a fictional character’s death could affect a reader. I have no shame in denying the fact that I’m not exaggerating.

I just, I can’t describe the pain behind the death. Basically, I’m saying you would not want to watch me while I’m reading THIS BOOK.

I don’t care what people think about this book or how they think John Green wrote a dirty inappropriate book, and how they say they hate the characters, I simply don’t care. I love this book. I’m not going to be influenced and say that I hate Alaska or Pudge or any of the characters. Also, why do people need to see only the dirty parts, I mean common! Can’t we all just appreciate the other beautiful and incredible things in this book?

People usually compare this book with Paper Towns but I deny. I know it’s kind of similar, I mean John Green has a pattern in his books. They usually talk about a boy who is a loser and he falls in love with a girl who is a badass and adventurer. But, I particularly love LOOKING FOR ALASKA, because unlike Paper Towns, in this book, we got to see more of Alaska ( in Paper Towns, we didn’t get to see more of Margo in the story, I mean, her physically)  AND I LOVE THAT.

Let’s talk about the characters.

I don’t loveeeeeee Pudge, but I think he’s smart and a little of a genius in last words and stuff, but sometimes, he’s so frustrating. I mean, I can understand that he loves Alaska but he can’t admit it to her because she has a boyfriend, but still yo. He should have atleast told her openly.

Colonel and Takumi are okay, I guess. I don’t love them again, but, I admired the Colonel at some instants. They were such good friends to Alaska.

And again, no matter what people say about Alaska, I DON’T CARE. I FREAKING LOVE HER. I love her wildness, her excitements, her remarks about feminism, her love for books and literature, her spontaneity, her moodiness and BASICALLY EVERYTHING ELSE. She taught me so many things. (I CAN GO ON AND ON ABOUT ALASKA, LIKE SERIOUSLY)

Also, in this book, I really like how everyone thinks of Alaska in a different way. We see this different view of Alaska Young from different people and it’s phenomenal.

I have lot to say more, but you guys probably must have already left. So, let me end here. And pray that I won’t post another piece of discussion on this book.

To John Green: Thank you for your existence and this amazing amazing amazing book you have given us. Thank You Thank You Thank You. I LOVE YOU. THAT IS ALL.





Fangirl- Book Discussion (& Obsession)




Rainbow Rowell’s writing connects with our generation’s thought process. I love her writing style. It was funny, cute, non-sugarcoated but so very beautiful. Personally, I could connect with her writing style and her words so much, that sometimes, I feel that she wrote this book for me. Like literally. Not to the plot of the book, but I could totally connect with all of her characters, especially Cath. Cath is like my girl soulmate now. I love her. I want to talk more about the writing style in this book. It’s so light, cheery and breezy but at the same time, it was so real and plain emotional sometimes, I couldn’t even put down the book. I just felt so many things while reading this book that I wrote them down just so that I can talk to you guys about it.

Before talking about my new found relationship with the lead character Cath, I want to talk about her now boyfriend Levi. He is such a gentleman. First, I thought that he was one among the spoilt brats who just meddled with girls in their dorm rooms, but later, when I got to know more of him in the book, I just fell in love with him. He is such a nice guy which is so rare in the real world. Levi is all a girl could ask for. He is always smiling, always positive and just HAPPY. What I loved more about him was how he cares about everything and everyone, even the smallest of the details and how he protects the girls. There’s a scene in the book where Levi protects the girls in a bar from huge old men and that just made me impressed about Levi’s character. I love how he pays attention to everything about Cath and cares about it.

I don’t like Cath’s twin sister Wren so much, but maybe I have a little bit of heart for her. Maybe. Just a smidge.

I really like Raegan. She can be mean and stuff, but she really is a good friend. I like how Cath and Raegan ultimately become friends even though Raegan keeps teasing about Cath sometimes. It’s cute.

I can relate with Cath so much. You know what, I think Cath is me. LIKE LITERALLY AND TRULY. Cath is my inner girl soulmate. She is me. She is sometimes the girl who is always feeling sad whereas everyone around her is cheery and happy. I can relate to this like SNAP! At the beginning of the book, I could relate to Cath’s need to stay alone, lock herself in her room and write all day. How she’s socially awkward and doesn’t have many friends, has the hard time trusting everybody and finds it difficult to create her own worlds while writing, that, I could totally relate to. I love her. I truly do.

Another impressive aspect of this book is how Rainbow managed between both the main plot of the book and Simon’s stories as well. It’s really impressive.

About Cath’s and Levi’s relationship, they’re just cute. Levi is a very decent guy who always takes care of Cath and notices even the small details about her. He pays attention and respects her needs and her love for fan fiction. He doesn’t care whether she’s crazy or weird, he is in love with her. There’s this thing about guy characters in books, I’m always jealous of the girls and others. Why don’t these guys exist in real life? I got so scared whenever there was a tense conversation between Levi and Cath. My heart was beating out of my chest. Cath was such a jerk to Levi sometimes, that I wanted to smack her, but then I remembered I would hurt myself (YA SEE WHAT I DID THERE) 😉 I know that romance in every novel makes you want such a kind of relationship but this book especially made me feel that their relationship is everything I’ll never have.

Can we just take a moment and thank Rainbow for this amazing, incredible and perfect book?